One small piece of knowledge that most people have heard but rarely adhere to is the old saying “All things in moderation”. Essentially it means that almost all things we indulge in are ok for the most part as long as we do not over-do it. Have a slice of pizza, not the whole pizza. Enjoy a drink or two, not all of them. For the most part this is easy to follow for some people who can eat a slice or have a drink. Not everyone handles things in the same manner.

History of Over Indulging

Some of us tend to over indulge in the things we get the most pleasure from. This can be food for some or more dangerous substances such as heroin for others. Society has had addicts for as long as we can remember. Ancient China and the Middle East have had opium addicts for centuries. In the US rather than opium it was heroin that ravaged the country and created addicts among the American people. Along with the heroin at the time was alcohol addiction affecting many people. Soon after the pharmaceutical industry created an enormous number of addicts with all the narcotic based prescription drugs being over prescribed to patients all over the country. Now the medical industry and the government began to notice the growth of addicts in the country. The issue now was how to deal with all the people addicted to the different substances.

Rehabilitation From Addiction

Along comes the idea of Rehabilitation centers to help treat people with addiction issues. One of the first rehab centers was founded by former First Lady Betty Ford who suffered from addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers. The doors opened to the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California in 1982. The clinic first was opened to women with addictions to alcohol and drugs. Today the clinic is known as the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and now treats men and women who live in separate areas with gender-specific treatment programs.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

With drug addiction the steps can be lengthy and dangerous especially with substances the human body can become physically addicted to such as opioids. The first step is detoxification where all traces of the substance are expelled by the body. At this time the patient can go through withdrawal where the body still wants more of that substance. This can be extremely painful for the patient. Once the body has detoxed treatment begins with physical and mental health. There are many treatments available depending on the substance that was abused as well as the mental health of the patient.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics have had a program open to those who recognize the need for help with a problem.  There are many alcohol rehabs throughout the country.  Back in the 1930s the Oxford Group were known to practice a formula for self-improvement by admitting wrong doings, making amends, performing self-inventory, meditating, and mentoring others in the same practices. Some of the practices they performed were things such as not drinking and using the power and support of the group to hold firmly to that practice. With success from those who wanted to make a difference Alcoholics Anonymous was essentially created. Mostly known today as simply “AA”, there are meetings in cities all over the world where anyone can join.

Addictive Personalities

As society grows so do the kinds of addictions. In the early years it was simply drugs like opium and heroin, as well as alcohol. In the 21st century we now have people who are addicted to technology. Young men and women are playing video games and staring at small screens more often than not. People are suffering from eye problems with failing sight at a high rate. Some people are suffering from seizures triggered by the content of video games and online videos. Another relatively new form of addiction is sexual addiction. Sexual addition is estimated to effect 6-8% of the population whether physical or pornography.

With a large number of new addiction types plaguing society, professionals had to develop new treatments and regimens sculpted around the addiction type. The treatments for drug addiction are straight forward with detox to rid the body of narcotics, and then helping that patient get healthy both physically and mentally. This was a tried and true method for drugs, not so much for addiction to technology or pornography. The development of new treatments also led to the foundation of new clinics and other organizations that focus on rehabilitation.

With the foundation of the Betty Ford Clinic as the first rehabilitation center, many more have joined the club. Some of the others are clinics like Crossroads, Townsend, Serenity Vista, and New Beginnings. All of which provide assistance and treatments for many different types of addictions. Some are private and some are public centers. Many may or may not accept some insurance plans depending on location therefor it may be best to call ahead for information pertaining to treatments and compensation. Most general information about the clinic or foundation should be available online.

Treatment for Addiction

With all of the options available for treatment of addiction there is one factor that is most important. The addict must want to change. Knowing there is a problem is the first step in overcoming addictions. Unfortunately some patients are in treatment due to legal circumstances rather than by choice. No matter the circumstances of why the patient is there for treatment there can be progress with a willing participant. Rehabilitation centers have been helping patients overcome addictions to substances and other things for many years. Some of the methods have had great success that helps people to change their lives for the better.