urgent care clinic


Urgent care refers to a category of the walk-in clinic which focused on the delivery of ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency room. In short, it gives the services offered by an ambulance. Urgent care centers primarily provide treatment for injuries or illnesses that require immediate care. The history of urgent care existence is long, the original center opened in the 1970s as a response to the public need which needed convenient access to unscheduled medical care caused by accidents or other unforeseen dangers. Since its inception, the urgent care care sector has rapidly expanded to approximately 10,000 centers. The urgent care centers has similar criteria for operation as mentioned below:

  • ·         They all must be open seven days a week to be able to attend to patients
  • ·         Urgent cares must accept walk-in patients during business hours with no biase  unless they cannot be ble to treat the patient adequately due to seriousness of the case
  • ·         Must have a licensed physician operating as the medical director
  • ·         Have on-site diagnostic equipment that includes x-ray for proper diagnosis of patients.
  • ·         Contain multiple exam rooms
  • ·         Have ethical and business standards that are required
  • ·         Be able to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries and perform minor medical procedures

er vs urgent careUrgent care centers are staffed by a physician helped by nurses’ medical assistants and physician assistants. Around 70 5 of urgent care centers have at least one doctor on site at all times. The doctors that urgent care centers mainly allocated according to their area of expertise 47.8% are specialized in family medicine 30.1 % in preventive medicine and 7.6% in internal medicine. The urgent care physicians can offer a broad range of services due to the kind of doctors they have on the site. The center can thus provide services that include broken bones lacerations requiring stitches, modest cuts and common injuries such as falling and other illnesses. These treatments are made possible due to the diagnostic and x-ray equipment that are present in the urgent care facilities.  Many urgent care facilities are associated with home heath care companies for additional services.

Differences Between Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms

Since an urgent care is not an emergency room,  they cannot offer surgical services or procedures that require a full operating room or the level of specialist available in the center.  Because they act as a relief support for the emergency room and is a sub-branch of the emergency room thus cannot do all the procedures of a place of urgency.

patient information for a clinicThe urgent care locations app enables one find an urgent care place in over 3086 cities across the fifty states making urgent care location app the largest and most accurate urgent care directory online. The app enables you to get the most current information about each of these current care clinics and even read and write reviews based on one’s experience at the place.

Urgent care is a good choice for health care consumers because it offers convenient and affordable access to physicians when one needs them the most. You can also choose from the many urgent concerns which to go.When far from home and you need medical services urgently the care center works to one’s advantage.

Urgent Care Can Be Affordable

In many instances, an urgent care clinic can be much more affordable than a trip to the ER.  Because an emergency room is a piece of a full fledged hospital, they ultimately play a role in the hospitals overhead.  Urgent care clinics have a much lower overhead because they generally do not have the operating room facilities and the more high tech medical equipment for handling long term patients.  This means that, for an emergency, an urgent care clinic can be substantially less expensive.  Today, many urgent care facilities now take Medicare and Medicaid also,

Urgent Care Facilities Can Be Convenient

Because urgent care clinics are much smaller, even a relatively small medical group can open a variety of neighborhood clinic locations.  This gives more convenient options if you, or a family member, need immediate medical attention.  One can get access to urgent concerns or walk in clinics by just googling clinics near me or use your specific city and Google Covington Urgent Care for instance n– if your location is “Covington”.  It gives you some hospitals and care centers around you giving you a chance to choose which is the nearest in cases of emergencies such as injuries or accidents. It also enables one to choose which clinic to go to if it’s not an emergency.