Natural disasters are some of the most harrowing experiences that can happen to people. They’re frightening, unpredictable, and they come with a lot of stress. Many people will turn to alcohol or drugs during these times as a coping mechanism for their distress, but it’s important to remember that this is usually not the best idea. A luxury drug rehab will have addiction recovery programs that often include steps for staying sober during natural disasters.

Keep Yourself Busy

Staying busy is a great way to prevent addiction from resurfacing, because it gives your mind something else to focus on other than the stress and discomfort that comes with natural disasters. If you’re not staying busy, it’s easy for addiction thoughts and memories to sneak up and take over your mindset.

Stay Sober During Natural Disaster

Get Rid of All Temptation

If you want to make sure addiction doesn’t rear its head during this time, it’s important to get rid of anything that could trigger addiction cravings, especially if you must remain home for a long period of time due to a natural disaster. This may mean getting rid of alcohol or other substances in your home if they are associated with addiction triggers. It may also mean doing what you can to avoid places where drugs and alcohol were once enjoyed in the past.

Stay Sober During Natural Disaster

Spend Your Time Helping Others Who Are in Need

If thoughts are overwhelming, it is best to take proactive or productive action. Serving others is a healthy way of focusing on something else. This can help you feel proud. Serving others is the best way to stay sane during a crisis. You can help someone in your own home, a friend, or someone in the community.

Stay Sober During Natural Disaster

Don’t Turn to Self-Medication

Don’t turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms when dealing with stress during natural disasters. For example, don’t overeat or try to cope by smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol if you’re trying to stay sober. These kinds of unhealthy behaviors can lead to addiction triggers, addiction cravings, and addiction relapse.

Stay Sober During Natural Disaster

Don’t Ignore Your Trauma or Triggers

Once the initial danger is gone and the shock has subsided, it’s time to recognize the difficulties you have been through. You should be honest about your emotions. Allow yourself to feel happy, sad, indifferent, or any other emotion. You can feel whatever you want. It is crucial to address trauma when it happens so it doesn’t become PTSD.

Self-Care is Key

Food, water, and other necessities might be limited or unavailable during or after a natural disaster. It is recommended that you live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule. You should also avoid reading or watching any triggering content, such as the news, when you feel you may relapse. Do not be afraid to seek help, such as one-on-one therapy or group therapy, to talk through your emotions. You can even create a gratitude list. 

Stay Sober During Natural Disaster


Addiction recovery doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is the willingness to get help for your substance abuse, the ability to access addiction resources near you, and several key steps that will keep your sobriety intact during natural disasters.