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An Overlooked Problem With Prescription Opiate Pain Killers

An Overlooked Problem With Prescription Opiate Pain Killers With Covid-19 forcing major changes on people’s lives, the news is filled with information on opiate abuse and the dangers of this type of addiction. If the pandemic has you battling addiction, you already understand the power these drugs hold over your life. The news talks about […]

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Substance Abuse In Teens

DRUG AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN TEENAGERS Research has shown that drugs have become more potent over time. Also, there is increased accesses to these drugs making them ubiquitous. What was considered safe and neutral grounds in the past, like schools and colleges, have not been spared either. In fact, the most common drugs abused by […]

Huffing – Destroying the Minds of our Youth

What is Huffing? Huffing, sniffing, and bagging is what kids are doing these days to get high. Whatever they call it, the basics of it are when a teenager or even younger kids inhale chemical vapors for a quick high. It is estimated that as many as two million of our children aged 12-17 are […]

Addiction to Pain Killer After Surgery

Addiction to Pain Killers After a Surgery/Injury After a surgery or injury, the pain can be so great that taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor seems the only option. Usually, recovery is quick and the painkillers can be stopped after just a few days. However, sometimes those painkillers are needed for an extended period of […]

Moderation and Addiction

One small piece of knowledge that most people have heard but rarely adhere to is the old saying “All things in moderation”. Essentially it means that almost all things we indulge in are ok for the most part as long as we do not over-do it. Have a slice of pizza, not the whole pizza. […]

Drug Rehab Centers Help People Suffering from Opiod Addiction

Opiod addiction continues to soar at alarming rates. In fact, more people are now addicted to opiods than cigarettes and other tobacco products. The most commonly abused opiods include Morphine, Oxycodone, and other pain killers. Like anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds, opiods are highly addictive and can cause mental and physiological problems. If you are one […]

Why You Should Turn to Urgent Care

Why You Should Turn to Urgent Care Clinics for Your Medical Needs If you are like most people when you need to see a doctor you go to the hospital. This means that you have to wait in line for long periods and test results also take a long time to come in, both which […]

How Stress and Smoking Contribute to Hair Loss

Stress and smoking are both dreaded realities of the modern times. A staggeringly high number of people smoke, especially young adults and teenagers. Stress is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. What kinds of situations stress a person may vary from what others find as stressful but there is no running away from the […]

Rehab – Staying in Remission

Rehab – Staying in Remission Rehab is a scary word. It has the power to bring the worst kind of judgement from others. But, most importantly, it is a word that represents change. And haven’t we heard our entire lives that change is never easy? Yes, change is scary. But after you made the decision […]


URGENT CARE CLINICS AND ITS IMPORTANCE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD Urgent care refers to a category of the walk-in clinic which focused on the delivery of ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency room. In short, it gives the services offered by an ambulance. Urgent care centers primarily provide treatment […]