Why You Should Turn to Urgent Care Clinics for Your Medical Needs

If you are like most people when you need to see a doctor you go to the hospital. This means that you have to wait in line for long periods and test results also take a long time to come in, both which end up delaying your treatment. You can see a doctor much faster by visiting an urgent care clinic. These are small walk-in clinics that have been set up in cities all across the US to allow for more efficient treatment of patients. These are not to be confused with retail clinics that treat common illnesses such as flu and strep throat. Urgent care clinics are able to treat chronic illnesses and injuries. There are several benefits of using an inpatient facility instead of visiting the hospital:

• The first is that patients have shorter wait-times.

In most urgent care clinics in America patients wait for an average of 15 minutes unlike in hospitals where waits can take hours. This means that you are able to get the treatment that you need faster.
• You will pay hundreds of dollars less to get treatment in an urgent care facility than you will in a hospital. This is significant especially today when so many people cannot afford to pay medical insurance.
• Urgent care clinics are much more accessible than hospitals. 90% of them are in urban and suburban areas while the rest are in rural areas. If you have never visited one you should type into your computer “urgent care clinics near me” and find out where the nearest one is.
• If you are a busy professional it is quite likely that you don’t have the time to see a doctor during working hours. Unfortunately, most hospitals only treat emergencies after hours. You will be happy to know that urgent care clinics are open at night and they don’t discriminate between emergencies and none-emergencies. They are also open on the weekends.
• In case you are thinking that urgent care clinics are cheap because they have less qualified doctors you are wrong. These clinics are staffed with fully qualified medical professionals many of whom have had careers working in big hospitals. The reason why urgent care centers are cheap is because they eliminate many of the inefficiencies that are found in hospitals.

Urgent care clinics take Medicaid.

• You know how frustrating to call your doctor for an appointment only to be told that he will only be able to see you days from now. By then your condition could have worsened and even become life threatening. Instead of taking this risk you should find an urgent care clinic near you – they do not need for you to have an appointment and they treat anyone who walks through their doors.
• If you have a chronic condition and you find that your urgent care facility doesn’t have an expert doctor on your illness the doctors there will refer you to one – they are many options such as home health care.

• Urgent care centers have their own laboratories for common tests.

This means you don’t have to wait for days before you can get your results. They also have their own small pharmacies so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a pharmacist for your prescriptions.
As you can see, there is no need of going to a hospital instead of going to an urgent care center – they come with unbeatable benefits.

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